INBIE – Instytut Badań i Innowacji w Edukacji

INBIE is a non-profit research institute that promotes equal educational opportunities to all social groups, and fight against social exclusion and support adult people at risk of marginalization. Staff from INBIE are researchers and trainers from the local community and educational institutions from Silesia region with a common objective: to improve adult people’s social and professional life, creating new opportunities to fight against unemployment and social exclusion.

INBIE increase the importance of adult learning emphasizing in four main areas:
–      New skill-sets for new tasks and occupations
–      Updating skills to avoid obsolescence
–      Complex skill-sets, interpersonal skills
–      Individual responsibility to keep skills up to date

The target group are educators and learners willing to develop new skills and competences that allows them to maintain their jobs or re-join the work force and search for better life chances.



We develop and provide innovative solutions, able to keep up with market needs. We provide professional services that actively contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and excellence of our customers. By itself or in partnership, our solutions and services can be incorporated across any business, from the study phase of a project, through installation, monitoring, implementation, but also in the production phase, with a view to obtaining customer satisfaction. our clients. We have experienced and certified professionals to accompany you in each project or service.



INNETICA is a non-profit association that promotes cooperation between European
entities and advocates for European values. INNETICA mainly focuses on three fields:
– Education and Training: Development of European projects that facilitate innovation and the exchange of good practices.
– Research, Development, Social and Cultural Innovation: The research and innovation activities carried out by INNETICA have as its centre the human being in any of its social and cultural environments.
– ICT Applied to Education, Social and Cultural Innovation: INNETICA use all kinds of digital media available for didactic, health, cultural and well-being purposes.

Based on these pillars, INNETICA provides the necessary infrastructures for a research and social innovation centre that brings together universities, public bodies, companies, training centres, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute with their knowledge and experiences to the change and improvement in European societies.



Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina is a non-profit adult education and training provider for the community in the local region and wider with a rich tradition. Organization offers its learners 14 formal educational programmes that include both secondary schools and vocational training programmes. Ljudska univerza is constantly developing new programmes and is adapting the existing one in accordance with the needs and desires of the adult population for further training and education. Informal educational programmes are conducted in the form of seminars, courses, lectures, and literary evenings and similar.  The organization also offers various personal growth programmes, various workshops, computer courses for the unemployed and elderly, language courses, computer courses and accounting and many educational programmes for adults with special needs for the local Care Work Centre. We have organized training programmes for other educationally and didactically deprived groups of adults, such as the immigrants, the unemployed and foreigners. Univerza also offers 19 programmes of National vocational qualification and organizes various courses for unemployed people, such as language, computer and accounting courses, and language and dance courses for children in kindergartens. The organization also has a very active University for Third Age, where we offer various lifelong learning activities to people over 55. The activities involve language courses, computer literacy courses, study groups, healthy lifestyle activities, lectures, workshops, trips and many more. Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina is also a licensed centre for Slovenian language as second language and an Intergenerational centre. Since 2016 we are also involved in a national project for gaining basic and vocational competences for the Savinjska region and Counselling for the employees in Savinjska region.



Saricam Public Education Center was established in Adana in 2009 and is a public institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Lifelong Learning. Saricam HEM provides training services throughout the year, including weekends and evenings and carries out tasks in accordance with the principles and objectives of non-formal education. Sarıçam HEM offers non-formal educational activities in collaboration with a great number of government and private institutions, as well as volunteer organisations. Their primary responsibilities include implementing training activities, as well as assisting and monitoring training activities.

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